Enterprising Rural Families
Wellness Sorter

What is the ERF Wellness Sorter?

 Does your business have the characteristics and skills needed to survive in today’s competitive business environment? Do you?

ERF Wellness Sorter is a resource designed for use by individual business owners, family or partnership members, or employees. It will identify the characteristics or skills they already possess, those needed to run a more effective and productive business, and those that may need to be improved.

The ERF Wellness Sorter identifies important characteristics and essential skills in the INDIVIDUAL system, the FAMILY system, the BUSINESS system, and the COMMUNITY system that make up the Rural Family Enterprise.

Inventories like the ERF Wellness Sorter are used in a variety of industries to identify what functions are important in each industry and how skilled people are in those industries. For a business to be successful there should be a good match between the needed skills or characteristics of the business and those demonstrated by the workers or employees.

Each system area requires a range of skills at varying levels and every person and family has a different ability to meet these requirements.

What will you achieve by using ERF Wellness Sorter?

When you have finished the ERF Wellness Sorter you should have:

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